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Training on
Lease Accounting

Training is provided through a series of video presentations. The training is designed to enable users to gain the required skills needed to maintain lease accounting calculations and reports using the software.

Note: To view the video in full HD, please select the gears icon at the bottom right of the screen when the video is playing and set video quality to 1080p.


Overview of EasyFs Lease Accounting

Provides an overview of the features and functionality of the software.

8 Minutes

How to setup a lease using the software


Demonstrates/Explains how to:

  • filter and find a lease;

  • setup a simple lease;

  • prepaid vs installments in arrears;

  • deal with lease incentives/direct cost;

  • perform asset impairment; and

  • dealing with rent free periods.

9 Minutes

How to perform lease modifications

Demonstrates/Explains how to:

  • deal with CPI/Index changes to lease installments;

  • extend and reduce a lease term;

  • Increase the scope of the lease at market rate and off market rate;

  • deal with foreign currency denominated lease installments;

  • deal with a lease component that is to be modified; and

  • perform a combination of modifications on a lease.

22 Minutes

How to generate the lease reports


Demonstrates/Explains how to generate the lease reports and walks through each of the reports as to what it provides and why it was included.

10 Minutes
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