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Financial Statement Templates

EasyFs Financials enables almost any annual financial statement template to be created and automated on Microsoft Word. The templates are a start point from which to build custom financial statements.

The templates provide a basic idea of the techniques and capabilities of EasyFs Financials.

Each of the templates below, contain two files:

  • The linked “Word Document”

  • The EasyFs Financials “Data File” 


The downloaded zip file must be extracted to My Documents\EasyFs Templates\ folder.

Example: C:\Users\John\Documents\EasyFs Templates\

Note: the "My Documents" folder can be named\located differently on each machine.

Once the files have been extracted and saved, you will be able to access the data file using EasyFs Financials.

Example Template

Empty Template

This template does not contain any tables or account grouping and the word document is a skeleton structure with the title page, table of contents and key heading. The template is ideal as a starting point to develop new financial statements.

Example Template

Start Financial Company Ltd

This template contain only the primary statements being the Directors Report, Statement of Profit & Loss and Other Comprehensive Income, Statement of Financial Position, Cashflow Statement, Directors' Declaration, Table of Contents and some useful headings to start the financial statement.

Example Template

Small Company Pty Ltd

This template is useful as a starting point for a small company financial statements and will generally meet the needs of most non reporting small company's.

Example Template

Small Association Inc

This template is useful as a starting point for a small Association's financial statements.

Example Template

Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics templates provides some base graphical analytics of the financial performance and financial position. This template was added to demonstrate the graphical presentation capabilities of EasyFs Financials.

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