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Overview of
Data Reconciliation Software


The software is designed to reconcile two data sets (e.g. Bank Reconciliation). The software simplifies and provides the user with the tools to perform the matching\reconciliation function more efficiently, some of the main features:

  • Importing the data sets from Excel.

  • Perform the following automated matching based on:

    • Complete match based on date​

    • Batch matching based on batch references and amounts

    • Batch matching based on different batch references and amounts

    • Exact match based on amounts closest to the date

    • Ability to filter the data sets and perform the above specific matching on filtered etc.

  • Displays an ongoing reconciliation as items are being matched

  • Ability to review matched items and un-match if a specific auto match was not acceptable

  • Simplified manual matching of remaining un-matched transactions

  • Ability to split transactions to complete the match and identify items that require correction
  • Ability to group the un-reconciled items for appropriate action to be taken and for better understanding of the reason why the items remain unmatched for the current period.

    The system provides a comprehensive reconciliation report in Excel format for further analysis and action.

If you would like a free license to see how easy it is to use the software and what it can do for you. Please return back to the Rec Data Download page to download the software.

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